Destiny of Tacoma

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Welcome everyone!  This site is a simple one-stop hub for information on Tacoma, Washington.  Visitors, travelers, newcomers, and citizens alike will find useful facts about the city along with its attractions, events, neighborhoods, businesses and history.  The city is growing and on it’s way to becoming a distinguished commercial and cultural destination. 

Downtown Tacoma from the E.34th St. Bridge.

Downtown Tacoma from the E.34th St. Bridge.

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North end of Pacific Avenue in the early morning.

North end of Pacific Avenue in the early morning.

    Tacoma is a medium-sized seaport city on the Puget Sound in Washington State.  It is the seat of Pierce County and is part of the Greater Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metropolitan Statistical Area.  This area is made up of numerous inter-connected cities and towns with the biggest being: Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue, and Everett.

    Tacoma is made up of hard-working citizens and is a place where families can thrive and businesses can flourish because of great property prices, business incentives, and abundant education choices.

Tacoma Water Front

Tacoma waterfront at sunrise (5 time award winning photograph)

    It is an awe-inspiring city that has come along way in the past twenty years through hard work, diligence, and dedication.  Tacoma’s beauty stems from it’s abounding waterfronts, parks, and revitalized, lively downtown full of: shops, theaters, restaurants, pubs, museums, hotels and a light-rail system.  Tacoma’s downtown is also host to the University of Washington, Tacoma, along with plenty of new high-scale apartments and condos.  With new businesses opening and a growing number of young families settling in the area, Tacoma’s future destiny is looking great.

 Visit the City Information page for a more in-depth view of the city.

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